Research suggests that it takes 35 – 40 consecutive days of repetition to put a new habit in place.  So until a home Yoga practice becomes a habit, you might find that it feels onerous to try to make it onto your mat outside of class.


When I identify barriers to starting anything, I’m halfway there.  So look around your living space and remove as many physical barriers as you can, knowing that a comfortable yoga practice takes up room.  See if it’s possible to clear some space at a wall for Viparita Karani (Legs-Up-the-Wall).

Your mental blocks may be more difficult to identify and remove.  Listen for voices in your head, like “I don’t have time.”  “I don’t know what poses to do.” “It’s only 5 days till my next class….”.

Say, “Thanks for sharing”, and roll out your mat with a smile.


Keep your mat, and any props that you like (blocks, strap, blanket, eye pillow…) all in one area.  If music appeals to you during yoga, have that nearby as well. What about putting on clothes that you only wear for yoga?  (Maybe get them out the night before.)

If an online video helps you get motivated, use it.  Just stay away from seated forward bending, and too many Downward Dogs.

Lighting a candle might help create an appropriate atmosphere, or perhaps diffusing an essential oil blend into the room. These sorts of things signal to your subconscious that something important is about to take place.  Honour yourself for creating space in your life for a significant new pattern of self-care.


A daily 10 or 15 minute home practice is far better than no practice! 



Having done yoga at all hours of the day and night, first thing in the morning works the best for me.  You may enjoy a quiet practice just before bed instead.  Just make sure you haven’t eaten in at least 1.5 hours.



If you know you need more Yoga than one class a week, and want assistance in establishing a home practice, book a private session or two with me by clicking the button below.  We could review the areas of your body that clamour for your attention most often, and then we’ll design a series of poses which you could do at home.  You’ll feel so amazing!

Catherine Reid - B.A., R.Y.T.