The personal therapeutic yoga session I received from Catherine Reid was certainly time well spent. I felt at ease right away due to her gentle and sincere manner. She was willing and able to understand my specific health concerns and adapt her instruction accordingly. Highly recommended.


Nelson Meggit

Life Coach

I have been doing yoga over the past few years; in one session Catherine gave me many pieces of valuable information that have improved my positions and I feel much more stable and stronger when I go into them – especially Tree and Warrior One.  I felt totally nurtured and safe in her capable presence.  Catherine is a huge asset to the yoga world.
Chris Smith

Holistic Teacher

Since practicing restorative yoga with Catherine on a regular basis, I have greatly reduced the need for other forms of therapy such as massage and chiropractic. As a busy business owner, yoga has helped reduce my stress and stress-related stiffness.  The postures are also designed specifically as a counterbalance to the often poor posture and repetitive nature of my job. The increased movement and flexibility have greatly reduced work-related incidences of chronic soreness and injury.
D. Pawson


Catherine’s classes are a delight. With a gentle touch and a deep knowledge of Yoga she eases you into a heightened mind, body and soul awareness.   I particularly appreciate the individual attention she gives, her ability to create a respectful peaceful environment and the inspirational readings used to begin or end a class.
Elaine Harvey

RN, Healing Touch Practitioner

Catherine weaves her knowledge of the body with her passion for teaching and her wonderful sense of humour. This tapestry allows you to experience your body in a new way. You leave feeling flexible and calm and present, and looking forward to her next class.
Kara F.

Catherine is a master Yoga teacher.  She carefully demonstrates poses and then moves through the room checking on students and giving direct personalized instruction.  I find this manner of teaching stays with me and aids me in my own practice.  Catherine lives the Yoga path and her classes are nourishing, joyful experiences.
Anne Lavery

Retired Teacher

Catherine teaches yoga with attention to each and every student.  Her words support me into a pose even when I have my own doubts.  I gain kernels of wisdom or jokes that make me think and smile long after the class.  Her soothing voice guides me into Savasana and frees me into the deep relaxation of silence. 
Alma W.

I have enjoyed yoga classes with Catherine Reid on various occasions.  I have found her to be skillful, warm, perceptive, highly effective, and inspirational as a yoga teacher!  Classes with Catherine are always delightful.  I have also managed to include yoga principles into my everyday life, through her effective encouragement and mentoring.
Arlen Todd


I’ve always been a little reluctant to explore yoga thinking it would be too subdued for me.  Catherine Reid’s instruction really made a difference in my perception and my well being.  Her class was challenging, fun, energizing and also relaxing.  More importantly, as a teacher, it was abundantly clear to me that she was there to serve the needs of the participants, paying careful attention to each person.  I would recommend her class without hesitation.
Laura De Jonge

PhD student, Human and Organizational Development

Catherine draws me back every week. I feel Yoga is a part of her being and it comes through in every class – the love, the inner calm, the flexibility & the laughs.
Jenny Lavery

Retired Health Records Analyst

Catherine brings a rare authenticity and depth of knowledge to her yoga classes. Combining breathwork, asana and meditation, she has helped me to explore the deeper aspects of yoga – on and off the mat.  With wisdom and humour, Catherine is the kind of teacher any student – committed or reluctant – is lucky to have!
Sona Khosla


I’ve had difficulties with sleeping for the past ten years.  I go to sleep easily but wake up anywhere between 3:30 to 4:30 a.m. and am unable to go back to sleep.  Since attending Catherine’s yoga classes, for the first time in years I am actually sleeping until my alarm at 6:00 a.m.!  If I do awaken in the night, I’m able to get back to sleep.
Carey Storey


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