Spring 2020 Yoga Classes

Yoga classes ranging from introductory to intermediate.  

Winter 2020 Yoga Classes

Yoga classes ranging from introductory to intermediate.

Private Sessions


One-on-one sessions that are tailored to suit your individual needs.

Family Yoga Classes

No need for a babysitter, I’ll come to your house, yoga props in tow!

  • CatherineDo you want a yoga class with gentle respectful personal attention?   You’ll get that in my classes.
  • Do you think that you could feel better than you do right now?  That’s guaranteed.
  • What makes my classes different?   They’re fun. You’ll learn new things. You’ll feel safe.
  • Not quite ready for a class?  Try a private session.  Click here to book.
  • Are you in discomfort or pain?  Private sessions will help.

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Yoga Classes

Yoga in the Comox Valley

Offering a variety of classes, from Beginner to Intermediate. Learn more >>

Private Yoga Sessions

A personalised yoga experience that can help restore balance, reduce the symptoms of various health challenges, and increase vitality. Learn more >>

Breathe. Stretch. Balance. Play your edge. Rest. Ahh.

Catherine Reid

Yoga Wellness Retreat This Fall

Yoga Wellness Retreat This Fall

When was the last time you felt deeply nourished, body and soul? Would you enjoy a day of withdrawing from life’s responsibilities? A place to simply rest, and breathe, and refill the well of your wholeness? Join us in November for deep self-care.

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