Fall Yoga Classes 2021

New to my teaching?  Please try the first class free before deciding about registration.
You’ll know at the end of class if I’m the right teacher for you this fall.


Chair Yoga

11:00 a.m.  – noon | September 7 - December 174

Developed for those who cannot get up and down from the floor easily. There’s still a lot of Yoga that can be done in a chair. Special breathing practices, gentle joint movements, and muscle strengthening will all take place in this fun class. We also do some poses while standing, using the chair for support.

Location: Native Sons Hall

Register with Courtenay Recreation via 250-338-5371.

Hatha 2 - Intermediate yoga for over 55 (FULL)

1:30  –  3:00pm | September 14 - December 14

14 classes - $265.00*

*Please note that no discounts or refunds can be issued for missed classes.

This class is for you if you’ve been practicing Yoga for a while and want to be challenged appropriately and safely. As we maintain our flexibility, we will also strengthen our muscles, develop better balance, and breathe…

Location: Nourish Wellness, Comox


Yin Yoga: Power in Stillness (FULL)

11:00 a.m.  –  12:30pm | September 10 - December 17

Are you on a fast train? Ready to get off and breathe? In Yin Yoga, you will enter poses on the floor and stay a while, observing strong sensations, while allowing your breath to help you access deeper layers of dense connective tissue, like ligaments, tendons, and fascia. The long-held, passive poses will help you become more flexible, with juicier joints and better functioning organs. You might become calmer, and better able to focus: a gift in our world of constant distraction. Yin Yoga is an excellent complement to other forms of Yoga. Come home to your body in a profound and satisfying way.

Location: Lewis Centre

Register with Courtenay Recreation via 250-338-5371.

Gentle Yoga

2:00  –  3:30pm | November 5 - December 17

7 classes - $133.00*

*Please note that no discounts or refunds can be issued for missed classes.

If you’d like a quiet, slow-moving class, this one’s for you. Suitable if you’re new to Yoga. Breathe away your stress and emerge from class feeling calmer, looser, and a little bit stronger.

Location: Nourish Wellness, Comox
Unit C (upstairs), 1822 Comox Ave., Comox, BC   There’s an elevator as well as stairs.
Parking lot behind building.  If it’s full, there’s often parking available on Comox Avenue, in front of the building.