Spring Yoga Classes 2023


Yoga for Men over 55

7:15  – 8:30 p.m. | April 3 - June 26

You’ve seen the pictures of women in pretzel poses, and you’ve thought, “No Yoga for me, thanks.”  But maybe for years, your wife or female friends have been telling you how much you’d benefit from Yoga.  This class is just for men over 55 who might be new to Yoga. You’ll  gradually increase your flexibility as well as learn some breathing techniques that reduce stress. As the weeks progress, you might find that you’re less prone to injuries at work or at leisure, and that you recover faster from exertion.

Location: Lewis Centre

Register with Courtenay Recreation via 250-338-5371.


Chair Yoga

10:30 a.m.  – 11:30 a.m. | April 4 - June 27

For those who cannot get up and down from the floor easily. There’s still a lot of Yoga that can be done in a chair. Special breathing practices, gentle joint movements, and muscle strengthening will all take place in this fun class. We also do some poses while standing, using the chair for support.

Location: Native Sons Hall

Register with Courtenay Recreation via 250-338-5371.


Yin / Restorative Yoga

10:15 a.m.  – 11:45a.m. | April 14 - June 23

Both of these styles of Yoga are quiet, floor-based practices. Both provide deep benefits to your body and require a willingness to pause and breathe - in stillness. Yin Yoga stimulates harder tissues in the body, and can sometimes create strong sensations for you to navigate; Restorative Yoga is just deeply relaxing. In this series, we will alternate between them: one week will be Yin, the next week will be Restorative - the best of both worlds. 

Prerequisite: At least one year of Yoga Experience.

Location: Native Sons Hall, Lower Level

Register with Courtenay Recreation via 250-338-5371.

Gentle Yoga

1:30 p.m.  – 3:00 p.m. | April 14 - June 30

If you’d like a quiet, slow-moving class, this one’s for you. Suitable if you’re new to Yoga. Breathe away your stress and emerge from class feeling calmer, looser, and joyful.

Location: Nourish Wellness, Comox

PLEASE NOTE: No refunds or discounts will be given for missed classes.