Private Yoga Sessions with Catherine Reid

At her home studio in Courtenay
How would life be better, if you could get personalized attention with your particular health concerns?
Are any of these bothering you right now?
  • sleep problems
  • aches & pains
  • general creakiness
  • anxiety
  • poor balance
  • memory loss
  • pelvic floor issues
I have used Yoga techniques to support and improve all of these challenges in my own life, over many decades.  I’d love to help you with your major concerns as well, so you can enjoy an elevated level of health and vitality.


 I invite you to enjoy a complimentary Refresh Your Health Breakthrough Session with me, by phone or on Zoom.  This will help you get clear on what you’ll enjoy doing when you feel better, and how life will be different when you can do more of the things that you love.  Then we’ll decide whether my offerings are a good fit for your needs.


To book your free 30-minute session, please email, or call Catherine at 250-898-8414.  Please note: this number cannot receive texts.

Gold Level Quantum Leap,

or “I never thought I could feel this good!”

3-month transformational package:

  • Eight sessions in the first month, for smoother habit-formation, and faster results
  • One session/week for the following two months, for steady support as you practice your new habits
  • Three 15-minute check-ins, on phone or Zoom, to answer any questions that are popping up
  • Monthly email support for quick clarifications
You’ll experience significant changes in your wellbeing, as well as in your particular health concerns.  You might start sleeping better, have less pain in your body, or more ease in reaching up for something on a high shelf.
How would life look, if you had more energy and flexibility to do the things that you love?

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16 Sessions
FULL PAY $1529

(save $470)

16 Sessions
PAY PLAN $397 x 4

(save $400)

Silver Level

Two-Month Health Boost

  • Focus on particular areas of concern.
  • Learn easy things to practice at home.
  • You might be pleasantly surprised at how some aches and pains are diminishing. This feels good!

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8 Sessions

(save $200)

8 Sessions
PAY PLAN $279 x 3

(save $160)

Bronze Level

One-month Starter Package

  • Explore how to breathe in new ways.
  • Learn how to synchronize your breathing with your movements.
  • As you learn how to breathe effectively, and move differently, you’ll start to see some changes in how you feel. 

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4 Sessions

(save $50)

4 Sessions
PAY PLAN $235 x 2

(save $30)

Try it for yourself.

Regular Price for a One-Hour Private Yoga session:  $125.00

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Single Session
PRICE $125


The personal yoga session I received from Catherine Reid was certainly time well spent. I felt at ease right away due to her gentle and sincere manner. She was willing and able to understand my specific health concerns and adapt her instruction accordingly. Highly recommended.


Nelson Meggit

Life Coach

Since practicing restorative yoga with Catherine on a regular basis, I have greatly reduced the need for other forms of therapy such as massage and chiropractic. As a busy business owner, yoga has helped reduce my stress and stress-related stiffness.  The postures are also designed specifically as a counterbalance to the often poor posture and repetitive nature of my job. The increased movement and flexibility have greatly reduced work-related incidences of chronic soreness and injury.

D. Pawson


I booked 5 personal sessions and I could not be more pleased with the outcome.  Catherine embodies what I believe about yoga  –  Mind, Heart, Body connection. Her joyful manner, solid knowledge of poses and the reminder of listening to the body, had me looking forward to each day. If anyone has any hesitation due to mobility issues or heart issues, I would highly recommend they see Catherine for a one-on-one experience. She is truly a gift.

Sara G.