Do you feel pulled in too many directions? Are your nerves strung tighter than a tennis racquet? Do you rush around from morning to night barely remembering to breathe?



While some stress is normal and healthy, when it’s out of balance it can wear you down. One natural, proven way to relive stress that thousands of busy people have already discovered is yoga.

“But I don’t have time for yoga!” you might respond. Just as our vehicles require regular oil changes to prevent costly breakdowns, so do our bodies require routine preventative maintenance. As a wise person once said, “we can take the time to be sick, or we can take the time to be well.” Caring for yourself with good food, social and spiritual nourishment and regular, enjoyable exercise accomplishes for your wellbeing what an oil change does for your car.

Hopefully, you already have some of those things in place. But if your life feels out of alignment, yoga can help you re-balance.

A beginner’s Hatha Yoga class will involve some basic yoga postures, combined with simple breathing patterns, and perhaps a short guided meditation. You’ll be surprised at how relaxed and peaceful you feel after just an hour or so.

You might also enjoy Restorative Yoga, a style that uses items to support your body as you relax in different positions, mostly on the floor. Of course, if the thought of lying quietly sounds challenging because it’s just too different from your high-speed life, a beginner’s class with more movement might be more suitable.

Some styles of yoga are stimulating rather than calming, so if stress relief is your main motivation, do a bit of research before signing up. The right class will help you breathe more deeply and leave the studio smiling.

*Catherine Reid is a Registered Yoga Teacher. Looking for a yoga class in the Comox Valley? Tell me when, where and what kind at, or call 250-898-8414.