On Saturday afternoon, I was getting my house ready for a client when I heard a loud screech of tires and a thump.  I ran barefoot outside to investigate, saw my car in an odd position, and a very upset man sitting in an SUV in my driveway.  He had lost control and ploughed into the driver’s side of my car, pushing the front end 5 feet across the driveway.  Eeeek….that took a moment to digest.
The younger me would have been very angry, upset, and full of blame towards him for being so stupid! Instead, I ran back into the house for some shoes, and came back out to see if he was OK.  He apologized profusely, saying he was delivering some hot soup which had spilled on his leg.
I invited him to sit in the shade and brought him a glass of water.  We exchanged the necessary information and he left.
It’s relatively new for me – and my children would attest to this – to be able to accept what happened with equanimity.  Of course, over the last few days there have been moments of annoyance, at all the paperwork, phone calls, the hassle of driving a rental car, etc.  But mostly, I’ve felt relief that no one was hurt, and especially that no small children were playing in my double driveway, as they often do. I’m also very grateful that my insurance policy covers the cost of a rental vehicle while mine is being repaired.
Some regular yoga practices have been of enormous help in developing acceptance of what is. Sitting quietly, breathing deeply – especially under stress – and acknowledging body sensations in the moment….all of these disciplines have marvellous ripple effects off the mat.
If your yoga practice has brought similar benefits into your life, I’d love to hear about them.

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