Ahh, summer. As the weather warms and sunny days finally start outnumbering rainy ones, people all over the Valley can be found shedding layers, laughing more freely and taking their recreation outdoors.

Yoga is one such recreational activity that can offer an entirely different experience when enjoyed under the open sky. For example, here’s an email that one of my students sent me after an outdoor yoga class last week:

Talk about restorative yoga. Not just the body, but the mind, the soul, the soles, the morale . . . I could go on and on. Deep, happy sigh: aaaaaaah!

How’s that for a testament to outdoor yoga? If you already have things in your life that create those “deep, happy sighs,” that’s something to celebrate. A balanced life leaves plenty of space for introspection, relaxation and rejuvenation.

If you already attend yoga classes, you know firsthand what I’m talking about. If you’ve never tried it outside of the studio, though, I encourage you to attend an outdoor class this summer. Taking yoga outside adds a whole new dimension to the practice. True, there can be distractions, like barking dogs, planes flying overhead and uneven ground that can make for some interesting poses. However, most people find that these distractions are vastly outweighed by the warm sun, fresh air, expansive sky overhead and the feel and fragrance of grass underfoot.


Yoga indoors can be transformative; yoga outdoors much more so. Now that warmer weather has arrived, you’ll find a variety of outdoor yoga classes offered here in the Comox Valley.

*Catherine Reid is a Registered Yoga Teacher. Looking for a yoga class in the Comox Valley? Tell me when, where and what kind at www.catherinereid.ca/future-class-sign-up, or call 250-898-8414.