What is it about the return of the light that inspires us to declutter, organize, and clean our living space?  Maybe the stirrings of new growth in the natural world find an echo in our inner life which stimulates us to clear space for fresh energy.

The fifth and last yama is called Aparigraha, translated as Nongrasping.  As we’ve been discussing this concept in class, there’s been the full spectrum of experiences in the room, from those who have virtually no clutter in their homes, to those who roll their eyes in despair of ever getting organized.

Perhaps the most useful way to look at Aparigraha is to develop a trust in, and gratitude for,  the endless abundance of the universe.  Right now, where I live, the deciduous trees are putting out their fuzzy catkins – maroon or silver teasers of colour – painting the trees with a subtle yet noticeable blush.  Each tree has hundreds, maybe thousands, foretelling leaves to come.  The lavish displays of abundance in the natural world are powerful reminders for me to remember that all I need will be provided.  When I KNOW this, down to my toes, there’s no need to hoard; instead I can freely release what does not serve, and joyfully care for the rest.