By Lilias Folan;  Rodale, 2005

CR_LiliasYogaBetterWithAgeThis book is a gem.  Lilias Folan truly lives the yogic path, and she has a lovely ability to present yoga’s rich complexity in a clear and compelling style.  Her teachings have an authenticity based on many decades of practice, and Lilias’ open-hearted wisdom draws me back to this book again and again.

Lilias was instrumental in introducing yoga to large numbers of Westerners in the 1970’s through her television show, Lilias! Yoga and You.  The skills that she cultivated when taping that show shine through in this book, because she has a knack for truly connecting to the reader, as if she’s in the same room.

Every page has a gift.  When I need inspiration, I flip open my dog-eared copy, and find something of value right away.

  • Excellent photographs throughout, including a “Photo Index”

  • Beautiful description of the 4 seasons of life

  • Great use of props, and suggested modifications of poses

  • Lovely meditations


Yoga can be practiced for one’s whole life, and this volume would be a great companion on that deeply satisfying journey.