You might rediscover serenity in a Yoga class, or through your own daily intentions. May your body and soul bask in contentment when you dip into the sweet pool of serenity.

As long as we’re still allowed to be inside a Yoga studio, my classes are running.
Three new series of 4 classes will start next week at Nourish Wellness for the month of February.

There’s still room for you in Gentle on Mondays at 3:30, as well as in Hatha 2 on Tuesdays at 1:00 p.m.
When a class fills, I start a waiting list.  Just let me know that you’re interested in a class; it may appear for you!
Details and registration at

There’s also room in my classes through the City of Courtenay.
Chair Yoga for Seniors on Tuesdays.
Yin Yoga on Fridays.
Keep Well,