The ego says, “Once everything falls into place, I’ll feel peace.” The spirit says, “Find your peace, and everything will fall into place.”

Marianne Williamson


Think back to 2019.  Remember what life was like?
You worked, played, volunteered, went to events, spent time with loved ones. Perhaps you had some sense of how things would unfold for you over the next 6 months.
Seems like another world, doesn’t it?
Now when I see a photo of life before March 2020, it seems quaint, like I’m reading Little House on the Prairie.
No matter our beliefs, our politics, our worries, or any other aspect of current life, we have all been negatively impacted by this virus.
 Here’s what local clinical herbalist Chanchal Cabrera said in her recent blog post about life right now:   
How are you actively supporting your immune system and well being?  Perhaps some of these suggestions will help you form a new habit:
  • Massage
  • Extra sleep and/or naps
  • Immune-boosting supplements
  • Frequent walks in the forest:   Chanchal speaks of this in her blog:
  • Habitual and fun cardiovascular workouts
  • Creative expression that lights you up
  • Regular loving time with dear ones  (where you speak mostly of things that bring you warm fuzzies and make you laugh)
  • Yoga, of course  😉
The topic of this week’s video is quiet time. You’re most likely aware of the benefits of meditation.  We’ve all seen the studies.  If you have a regular quiet time practice, bravo.
If it’s something that you’re thinking of doing, sometime in the future, please take 5 minutes right now and explore it with me.

A spot has recently opened up in my Gentle Yoga class series,
starting on Friday, November 5, 2:00 – 3:30 p.m. in Comox.